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I think the thing that drew me to photography initially is the connection that it allowed me to build with all different sorts of people. When you poke your camera in someone’s face, child or adult, it creates a level of intimacy you wouldn’t achieve in a normal conversation. As someone who thrives on deeper levels of communication, that really appeals to me. 

    My love for photography, and my desire to make it my profession, began in the dark room in 2010, and 100+ weddings (and hundreds of family sessions) later, I still go back to those quiet moments where I began—just me, my camera, and a desire to create something beautiful. 
    Capturing Love in a way that will be remembered for generations is always my goal when photographing couples, weddings, or families. From the love a couple shares that leads them to marry, to the love that a mother has for her miracle rainbow baby, I will never tire of giving someone a preserved moment in time in the form of a photograph.
     I am a southerner at heart (you can take the girl out of Savannah,  but you can't take "The Savannah" out of the girl...and all that jazz), and I'm happy to be back in the South after ten years away. I enjoy traveling abroad and experiencing new cultures, but I am a homebody, through and through.
      I believe in love in all of its many diverse + beautiful shades, shapes, sizes, and forms, and I am a LGBTQ ally. I believe in the power of women, and am a champion of female entrepreneurs and small, female-owned businesses like my own. 

meet molly

Gracie is a 12 year old Goldendoodle. She was adopted in 2012 from Carolina Poodle Rescue in Pacolet, South Carolina

     More than a few years ago, I found myself living alone for the very first time and away from my family pets who had always kept me company. I was unexpectedly lonely, and so I decided that I wanted to adopt a dog.
     About 2 days later (I move quickly when I decide to do something), I hopped in my car and drove from Savannah up to Carolina Poodle Rescue in search of the perfect companion. After meeting a couple of other dogs, they brought Gracie in to meet me. She jumped right up on the sofa beside me and put her paw on my arm. I knew right then that she was the girl for me. I'm so sad that things didn't work out with her previous owners, and horribly sad she was dumped at a kill shelter in Charlotte, NC, but so grateful that her path crossed mine.
     So, here we are, 9 years, four big moves (Sav to Oregon | Oregon to New Haven, CT | New Haven to Queens, NY | Queens to Greenwich, CT), and a few pounds (for both of us) later, and I'm so glad she came in to my life that January day in 2012.  

MEET Gracie

Gracie as a Halloween Taco

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     I first met Mauricio at a women’s health event in Manhattan over a year ago. He was shooting video and was the only guy in a space with about 50 women—all of whom were there eager to discuss all things women’s health-related. He doesn’t remember meeting me at that event, but I remember thinking, “This guy is really cool in a situation that others might be super uncomfortable in.”

     Fast forward to July 2019 and my arrival to an all women’s yoga retreat in Amalfi, Italy, and there was Mauricio again. I spent a couple of days trying to figure out where I’d met him, but during that time, I got to know him and watch him work in a situation that was (at times) intense. I knew that if I ever brought someone into my business to shoot alongside me, it would need to be someone who could handle ever-changing situations (like weddings) with ease, grace, and an unparalleled respect for the people they are interacting with. Mauricio is that person. 

     Mauricio brings the best kind of energy with him to whatever he’s shooting, and the work he creates is nothing short of magic. I could not be more excited to offer his work as a part of my business. 

Meet the videographer

meet Gracie the Goldendoodle

tacos (and churros)
a glass of cold prosecco
watching the sun rise over the atlantic
french macarons
black & white film photography

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my favorite things

jones street
bluff drive, isle of hope
wormsloe historic site (pictured here)
tybee island at sunset
rooftop bars downtown
boneventure cemetery
the smell of the pluff mud
butterbean beach


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It's about capturing those quiet, unposed moments that you might otherwise forget. 

That being a part of your wedding day is about more than taking nice photos of pretty people in fancy clothes

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Building a connection with you, and your family, is essential to telling your unique story and capturing your warmth and emotion.

That choosing to work with me is more than just a transaction.

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