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Snow Came to Savannah!


February 22, 2019

Want to know how often it snows in Savannah? Once every 30 years or so! The first time was when I was 3 months old, and the second, I was 28 and 3 months.

Jared, Gracie and I were home for Christmas break 2017, and the snow arrived January 3, 2018 and stuck for several days. Savannah came to a screeching halt—they don’t have any to pre-treat the snow, or treat the ice once it’s there. We see snow several times a winter living in the North East, but it was such a treat to see it in Savannah. I had always wondered what my parent’s home and Isle of Hope would look like covered in snow. It was as lovely as I thought it would be, and I’m so glad it happened while I was there!


Gracie thoroughly enjoyed the snow and playing with her cousin, Ally the white German Shepherd, who can be spied in the window to the far left of my parents’ home. 

I really didn’t think the Live Oak trees could get any more beautiful (I mean, the Spanish Moss already adds SO much beauty, charm and character), but then I saw them with snow.

You North Easters wonder why Southerners are so enamored with snow, and that’s because we NEVER see it. We never see what the earth that surrounds us would look like adorned in snow, and when we do, it’s just magical and we can’t stop going on and on about it.

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