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Another move | A new home design


February 24, 2019

We move often. In 2014, Jared got out of the Army and we moved from the home we bought in Savannah in to my parents’ home (also in Savannah). I lived with them during the Jared’s last deployment, and then we moved to Oregon. We lived with Jared’s parents there for a while before moving in to an apartment in Eugene, OR. In 2015, we moved back to Savannah, and back in with my parents, before moving to New Haven, CT.

We lived in New Haven for three years while Jared finished up his undergrad degree at Yale College, and in May, 2018, we moved to Long Island City, NY. It’s just outside of Manhattan, and while Jared’s commute is only 10 minutes door to door, it’s just not the right place for us to live long term. This coming April/May, we will be heading back to Connecticut—Greenwich, this time—and in to the cutest pink house ever.

While I hate moving, I LOVE home design and all of the possibilities it brings. I love measuring each wall and figuring out what piece of furniture will fit there. I love seeing something that needs improvement and then making it beautiful. I love working with a home’s quirks and making them functional. I live for a project, and hope that one day in the future, I’ll be able to do it on a larger scale.

It’s been a few years since I used my own art in my home; it’s been a while since I created something that I wanted to use. In 2018, I decided I wanted to be intentional with each piece of art I put in my home—I don’t want random things on my walls—I want each piece to have meaning and add value to our lives.

Jared and I both love the coast, and so much of our art features water. These four images will hang in square, driftwood-type frames with square mats. They were taken in Connecticut, Oregon and Georgia, and each one makes me feel something…which is exactly what I wanted.

coastal connecticut seagrass

seagrass wrack in savannah

a tiny wave on the connecicut coast

a collection of bivalves found on driftwood on the oregon coast

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