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Butterbean Beach, Savannah | Mommy + Me


February 22, 2019

Let me just tell you about those Ranger Mamas. They are SO strong. Their husbands are gone often on deployments and extended training events and yet they hold everything together. They learn quickly how to handle everything, and they do it over and over. There is no “you take this shift, I’ll take the next one.” Nope, they take all of the shifts because chances are, even when dad is home, he needs to sleep because he will be up at 5am for the day. They are working professionals, they are students, they are work from home moms, and they juggle work + family like nobody’s business.

When the guys are home, they turn the reins over, and then they take them right back when the guys are gone again. That, my friends, takes a LOT of strength and willpower. They learn how to kiss all the boo-boos AND kill the poisonous snake in the garage. They love their husbands well, and they let them go over and over. Your husband can excel at his job because you excel at yours. And they do this year after year, deployment after deployment.

Ranger Mama, you are Wonder Woman, in my opinion. You love your family well, you hold everything together, and you deserve praise.   

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